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Andrea says:
Thank you so much Patty. You've been great and I can't tell you the weight you lifted off my shoulders. You're a blessing!

Julie Ann (Small Business Owner, Author, and Inspirational Speaker) says:
I have found my association with At Home with Ease extraordinary. I utilize the service for an assistant to help me with various duties and marketing assistance. I actually don't know how I would continue without her help.

Dorothy (Ph.D. & retired University administrator) says:
At Home with Ease literally helped me to be at home with ease! Just released from 7 weeks in a hospital and nursing home, I was temporarily disabled and was overwhelmed by the many things that I couldn't do for myself. For several weeks, At Home with Ease helped me with those tasks … from the expected, such as meals, laundry, and shopping, to the unusual ... unpacking and organizing "stuff" in my basement because I was unable to bend or lift. They even provided me with a pictorial spreadsheet of where things were! The term "personal assistant" is a good description of the company's goals; matching your needs with someone who can fulfill those needs, making your life doable.

Carmela (an Assisted Living Resident) says:
I love my Personal Assistant. I tell everyone, she is like my daughter.

Nancy says:
I reached out to At Home with Ease on the advice of a friend who saw I was struggling with the unorganized nature of my home. For 3 years, I had taken care of my mother in my home and once she went to an assisted living facility, I realized my house was a mess.  It was very stressful for me and I didn’t know where to start. Patty Neurohr came to my home, assessed my situation and recommended one of her staff to be my Personal Household Assistant. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! Now everything is organized and labeled; I no longer feel like a stranger in my own home. My Assistant taught me how to eat healthier, maintain my home quickly so it doesn’t again get out of control, and even developed a household budget so I can monitor my expenses since I am on a fixed income. I will continue to utilize the services of my Personal Assistant to keep me on track. I always look forward to her visits; and my cat and dog love her too!


Letters of Recommendation


From Margaret:
I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me with the downsizing and organizing of my attic. Opening that attic door was very overwhelming and it was comforting to have someone helping me with this project.   Read more...


From Jeannette:
I am writing this letter to thank you for your professional care in handling the downsizing and organizing of my mother-in-law’s kitchen.   I was pleased that you met with my in-laws personally to help them determine a good use of the gift certificate we had purchased for them.  You were so caring, patient and helpful to them and they enjoyed spending the time with you.  It is helpful that you were willing to spend some of your time to meet with them and allow them to feel comfortable.  Read more ...


Thank You Notes


From Grace & Alice:
Thank you so much for taking care of mom when I could not be there. It was truly a gift to her and to me. Read more...

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