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Patricia Neurohr

Independent Health and Life Insurance Agent

Wexford, Pennsylvania

Mobile: 412.303.1700

More than 20 years in the Health Insurance Industry, specializing in:
- Senior Health Care Products
- Long-Term Care Insurance Products

The following resources are independent contractors and in no way are directly affiliated with At Home with Ease.

Real Estate

Sue Neal

Real Estate Agent           

Howard Hanna Real Estate

Franklin Park Office

Wexford, Pennsylvania

Office: 724.934.3400

Mobile: 724.809.8620

Emotional and Behavioral Support
Elizabeth Krause


Malec, Herring, and Krause

Office: 724.772.4949

A woman-owned psychological practice, providing the community with psychological services for the individual, couple, and family. Focusing on the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. Providing traditional psychological interventions, as well as mind-body wellness services such as hypnotherapy, life coaching, stress management, massage, and mindful eating programs.

Prescription Drug Resources and Tools
Beth Biedrzycki - PharmD

Hometown Pharmacy         

2103 Noblestown Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Hometown Pharmacy is a locally-owned community pharmacy serving the Pittsburgh community by providing products and services that improve medication adherence. Avoidable health care costs are often due to poor medication adherence. And, poor medication adherence results in a quarter of all nursing home admissions. Hometown Pharmacy understands this issue and the impact it has on the consumer and the health care industry in general. They are proud to play a roll in management of these costs and have introduced RxMap to the Pittsburgh area. RxMap is a medication adherence packaging system designed to take the confusion and worry out of taking multiple medications. RxMap is customized to each customer to assure the right dose of medication is taken at the right time each day. RxMap provides peace of mind to patients and caregivers alike. RxMap helps seniors remain safely independent in their own home and provides the convenience of free home delivery.

Personal Assistants

At Home with Ease

Hiring a Personal Assistant for assistance with daily chores, caring for family, or projects at home or in the office?

If you are interested in our services and would like to discuss your specific needs, send us an e-mail at and a representative will contact you.

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