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  My name is Patricia Hood Neurohr, and I have lived in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh all my life. I currently live in Wexford with my husband, three sons, and our Bernese Mountain Dog. Like many of you, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed. For many years I had a demanding career and I often felt as though I was on the road more often then I was home. When I was home, work and chores took over most of our time. For a while we managed this hectic schedule with the help of my parents filling in where traditional day care left off. But their life was transitioning too, and they retired to South Carolina. The options for assistance became even more limited.

Then, shortly after their move, my father became ill and my mother was faced with caring for him in a new home away from her network of family and friends. And of course, they did not want to trouble their children, who had families and commitments of their own. When their desire to remain independent in their own home was being threatened, they would minimize their need for assistance for fear that they would lose that independence. I often feel that if they would have been open to additional help and support and if the right resources were available and delivered in a manner that allowed them to retain their independence safely, their story may have been different. My mother eventually collapsed and they both ended up hospitalized. Shortly after this incident my mother passed away and my father moved in with my sister for additional support.  While my father has since passed away as well, his health and quality of life had significantly improved when he was closer to his family and the assistance and support available to him through community resources. We were all fortunate that my sister was able to care for him in her home.

It is unfortunate that anyone, especially seniors, would be anxious when asking for assistance.  Today, when I am speaking to a group there is not a single person I meet that couldn’t use a little extra help. Often the need is much greater and most of the time they do not know where to turn.  My advice is “You are not alone, we all need help and we all could benefit: mind, body, and soul.  When the walls are closing in and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, have faith that you will get through it, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.” 

I was looking for assistance with children, parents, and administrative projects and I needed someone I could count on to help with all of those things. I wanted a holistic approach and I searched for someone to listen and understand all my needs and stressors and present a customized solution that would work for my entire family. This was a difficult order to fill and it made me realize there was a need for a more creative answer for families, seniors, and busy professionals...Personalized Affordable Assistance

It is our mission to ease your stressors, providing you with more free time and peace of mind.  In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson… “To even know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded” 

We look forward to providing ease in your life.

Patricia Neurohr
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